Committee Members


American Society of Nepalese Engineers, P.C. (ASNEngr)

Chair and Vice Chair for Various Standing Committee

for January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020

  1. Awards, Grants, and Scholarships Committee

Chair: Shyam Sharma, Ph.D., P.E. / Email:

Vice Chair: Sri P. Shaha

  1. Bylaws Amendment and Membership Standard Committee

Chair: Lok Darsan Shrestha (VA) / Email:

Vice Chair: Dharmendra Thakur.

  1. Fundraising and Financial Oversight Committee

Chair: Thakur Dhakal /Email:

  1. Liaison Committee

Chair: Kul Mani Acharya / Email:

Vice Chair: Surya Lamsal

  1. Membership Review Committee

Chair: Deependra Pokharel (VA) / Email:

Vice Chair: Ajaya Dhakal.

  1. Nepal Liaison Committee

Chair: Ananta Baidya, P.E. (CA) / Email:

Vice Chair: Yogendra Jonchhe

Member: Bikash Adhikari

  1. Newsletter/Publication Committee

Chair:  Dr. Ram C Poudel/Email:

Vice Chair: Purna Dahal, P.E./Email:

Member: Shradha Pradhan

  1. Nomination and Election Committee- Not applicable at this time.
  2. Outreach and Membership Recruitment Committee

Chair: Mangal Maharjan /Email:

  1. Student Committee-TBD
  2. Technical Committee- Chair/VC-

               Chair: Ramesh B. Malla, Ph.D. (CT)/ Email:  

              Vice Chairs: Kanhaiya L Kayastha, P.E., S.E. (CA), and Nipesh Pradhananga, Ph.D., P.E. (FL)

             Secretary: Jiwan Ninglekhu, Ph.D. (PA)

  3. Website and Database Committee

Chair: Pujan Joshi (CT) / Email:

Vice Chairs: Uttam Sedai (VA) Basu Dahal

Note: All committee chairs are encouraged to recruit as many members as they feel necessary for their committee. If needed, EC will help for the recruitment.

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